Present Day Cathedral

St Davids CatherdralThe present cathedral is built from stone quarried at nearby Carer Bwdy, during the Norman period, this is evident and reflected in the style building, typical of the period, it is interesting that many aspects of this wonderful architecture are evident in other great cathedrals around the UK.

St Davids Cathedral insideMost visitors first view St David’s Cathedral as they approach from the centre of the City, the first glimpses of this hidden building are when walking through the Bell Tower and Cathedral gates, which invariably causes visitors to stop and stare, in order to take in the whole massive building and extensive grounds. Alongside the Bell tower is a great location to take photographs, but remember if you are lucky the Bell tower may be open and you can go in a see the team of campanologist’s, Friday evening are practice nights and Sunday mornings are the regular times when you are guaranteed to hear them. Adjacent to the bell tower are the main stone steps leading to the cathedral – known as “the thirty nine steps” easy going down (not quite so easy coming back up). The area known as the Cathedral Close is really well maintained by a team of local grounds men, just walking through the Cathedral Close there are a really interesting buildings, gardens and meadows etc to enjoy.

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St David’ Cathedral Music Festival was originally started by one of the local residents, it has grown to become internationally recognised with a wide variety of artists performing throughout the week.

One of the other significant buildings in the close is the ruined Bishops Palace. During the summer months there are open air plays and musical recitals taking place on a regular basis.

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