St Non’s Chapel and Well

St Non's Chapel

Situated in a field above the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path are the ruins of St Non’s Chapel- now barely more than foundations it does house a stone slab with a simple cross and circle carved into it.

Last Minute Wales Holiday CottagesThe Chapel is believed to be the birthplace of St David some 1500 years ago and is built inside the site of a neolithic stone circle. Strangely the building has been constructed with a north-south orientation as apposed to the traditional east-west layout of most religious buildings.

St Non's WellSome 500 yards from the Chapel at the top entrance to the field is St Non’s Well. Believed to have healing powers like many medicinal wells in the area, it probably has its roots in Celtic (Iron Age) times and was re-branded so to speak when Christian beliefs were becoming predominant in the area.

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