The Bishops Palace

Bishops Palace at St DavidsNow a ruin, the Bishop’s Palace at St David’s still retains signs of its former grandeur. Currently in the hands of CADW the remains are utilised now as an open air theatre as well as a visitor attraction.

Bishops Palace WindowBuilt during the 1300′s the ruins are full of human heads carved from stone and there is a huge wheel window in the eastern gable which is well worth the visit alone. The whole palace ruin musters up a sense of how spectacular this building must have been during its heyday with huge banquets being held in the main hall and royalty and other well to do guest entering through the majestic porch.

The Palace is open daily and there is an admission charge. Facilities include disabled access, baby changing facilities, toilets, a gift shop and exhibitions.

The ruin sits next door to the Cathedral in St David’s and more information can be found on CADW’s website here

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