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The village of Letterson is not strictly on the St David’s Peninsula, but is close enough to warrant a visit.

The village is situated on the A40 some 5.5 miles south of Fishguard and on first impressions appears to be just a passing through sort of place.

Closer inspection will reveal a good selection of reasons for a visit. anticonvulsants. http://halifaxartfestival.com/xanax. Along the A40 in the village is the award winning Something’s Cooking Fish and Chip Shop plus the local garage that sells a variety of daily basket produce plus fuel.

Hidden away off the main road along Station Road is the village hall with a healthy selection of weekly events and also some outdoor tennis courts. View their events listing here…

Head down St David’s Road and you will find The Jubilee Pub, the village store which also hides an outdoor go karting track (call 01348 840 447 for opening times), a news agents and confectionery shop plus a good park with swings, slides, a large open space and also a separate enclosed area for toddlers.

Just out of the village is Priskilly Golf Course – head out of Letterston on St David’s Road to pick up signs. Head out on the A40 towards Haverfordwest to pick up signs Sealyham Activity Centre which offer a huge selection of outdoor activities (call 01348 840 763 for more info).
Also just on the outskirts of the village is the Harp @ Letterston – a pub with an award winning restaurant (call 01348 840 061 for reservations).

There is a regular bus service serving Letterston. Time table here…

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